To meet the demand produced on dates where air traffic is increased above the supply established for each route and that makes it necessary to charter additional planes to complement it, for your holiday series flights or puentes, among others. We are specialized in flights for cruises.

Tell us what you need and we will look for the airplanes and select the companies that best suit the needs of your product. Tour operators and travel agencies from around the world, and from Spain in particular, already trust us.


–           Supervision of the check-in and boarding of passengers at all departures of most Spanish airports.

–           Customized tracking of each operation 24/7.

  • Solaris is available to the customer from the beginning to the end of the trip. We will provide you with a summary (flight record) with all the information inherent to the flight (flight numbers, schedules…) and the necessary contact information (handling agents, our H24…) to maintain total control of the operation and ensure the tranquillity you need. Our staff will be at your disposal during the operation thanks to an H24 tracking system and will anticipate any type of incident, keeping you permanently informed about the status of your flight.
  • After the trip is finished, we will send you a detailed report of it.

–           Possibility of accompaniment service in flight and at destination, if required, and subject to availability.

–           Liability insurance.

–           Financial strength.

FINAL RESULT: An air broker that meets the expectations of our customers.